Проект направлен на оценку и развитие качественного обслуживания в сфере гостеприимства, в частности, обслуживания в местах пребывания туристов.

В течение марта группа иностранных студентов посетит музейные учреждения Томска и, оценив уровень организации работы с иностранными посетителями, предоставит свой отзыв об уровне гостеприимства в виде аналитических статей, фото и видео материалов в ТИЦ Томска. Данная информация будет передана руководителям музейных учреждений, а самые интересные и увлекательные описания посещений будут опубликованы на сайте и в социальных сетях ТИЦ.

Напомним, что одна из целей работы ТИЦ – это создание комфортной информационной среды для жителей и гостей города, в том числе и иностранных.

Представляем вашему вниманию первый отзыв от студента из Лаоса Amphaivanh Xayabout:
The museum is a place where antique things and art are preserved for the public to be seen, a place where rare things of past and present are kept, a place where you can see a collection of rare things and things of historical interest. Those who want to have a look into the past visit the museum. I was planning to visit this museum long before this assignment but I never had the chance to fulfill it. Last week I and the guide (Sasha) took my friends and visited the Tomsk History Museum. The Museum is divided into various sections. Each section has different exhibits. I spent great time in the History Museum; the building has been divided into many sections as per the subjects and periods of history. We come here to make memories, educate them and spend quality time, and they come with cameras in their hands to document these moments, to capture some of the artifacts, and so we did. The first thing we did when the guide tried to tell what he knew. We have received useful knowledge about Tomsk, The tourguide can communicate in both English and Russian, and he has good knowledge about the museum.
The excursions to the historical museum make me very impression because we have visited this museum (for about 1 hours) we knew about a peoples that was a famous poet in his time. There are a lot of rooms that show the different things in the museum and more worthwhile — we have had an impression of the history of this part of Tomsk. Especially interesting are the rooms with
artifacts and paintings. I am very happy to visiting this museum and I will to visit another museum in Tomsk. (Стилистика автора сохранена)