Туристский информационный центр Томска продолжает проект «Взгляд со стороны».

Проект направлен на оценку и развитие качественного обслуживания в сфере гостеприимства, в частности, обслуживания в местах пребывания туристов.

Представляем вашему вниманию второй отзыв от студента из Лаоса:
Tomsk city have famous museums. A lot of people go there every day to learn of the past of their cities and the world. I had been the first Museum of Slavic mythology the located in a private three-storey building in the historic part of the city behind Voskresenskaya hill. The museum today is a centre of Slavic culture in Tomsk The heart of the Museum — art gallery — private collection of works of recognized Russian artists on the theme of Slavic mythology. This is the original easel paintings, drawings and works of Russian decorative and applied art on the motives of Slavic history, mythology, epic stories, Russian fairy tales and customs. A few weeks ago, I got a chance of visiting the museum of tomsk city. As I entered the big museum hall, I saw many pictures of famous men and women of history. I saw the pictures of Lord Buddha, Asoka, Alexander the Great, King Darius , Napolean Bonaparte, Kamal Ataturk,
Adolf Hitler, Helen Keller, etc. I read facts about the lives of all these great men and women written under their statues. More than this. I was very glad to find some of the things that these famous people used in their lives. During this time many rarest things, which one can buy anywhere in the city, appeared in the shop showcases. The museum staff sacredly keeps the main concept of the souvenir shop – only traditional Russian products of national crafts directly from its producers are sold. There are no accidental goods. I was very impressed in this museum because they have two guides in Russian and English, they explained about each picture has a description in English.
As I was leaving the museum, I was thinking of the littleness of the greatest men and women in history. Where are all of them whose things I have seen in the museum? Where is Lincoln and where is Lenin? Where is the glory that was Greece, where is the grandeur (majesty ) that was Rome, and where will be the splendor (magnificence) but all of things I can see in here I am very happy to visiting this museum and I will to visit another museum in Tomsk. (стилистика автора сохранена)